Thursday, May 28, 2009

Senor Escobar

So we didnt make it Villa de Lueyva, which is really just a tourist attraction for its fields of magic mushrooms, and instead skipped straight off to Medellin. the climate here is wonderful, not too hot during the day, and you can wear shorts and t-shirts all night long. although we havent accomplished much here apart from making friends with south africans, brits, kiwis, aussies, yanks, israelis, french and argentinian people, we did make it to pablo escobars grave. its meant to be a bit of a tourist attraction, although it is just a grave. it was quite interesting that it was located as close to the church as a grave could be, and nice that the entire escobar family was near each other. i was hoping we would see little bags of cocaine that people would have left to honor the king, but no such luck. i suppose if you have bags of coke then your not just leaving them lying around in a cementary.

we were going to head off to see his house turned muesum/zoo today, but its 4 hours out of town, quite expensive and we didnt wake up in time, so instead tomorrow we are going to go to a water park. i know, it makes perfect sense. it has been nice to be speaking a bit more spanish with the argentinians, its good practice. we also have a terrifying man sleeping under me (the bunk below) and next to hannah who tosses and turns very violently, and snors like a motherf***er. its interesting, hes in colombia, staying at a party hostel, and yet all day hes on his computer and he goes to bed early every night, making it all the more stressfull trying to get into plastic covered beds (thus quite loud) without waking anybody (especially him) up.

we´ll be heading up to the coast on saturday, where we´ll snorkle (and hopefully surf) and relax on the beach and take pictures of fish. i have tested out my camera in the pool here, and it seems to do quite well underwater, so all should be good. hope this wasnt a complete waste of your time, ill write about our cultural trip to the waterpark soon.

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